Freitag, 22. März 2013

Hostile Trends Against Democracy

Religion is suggesting hope for an unlikely other world,
ideology is constructing a seeming world in this life,
and both of them are denying objective facts
regarding them as threats to their systems.

Man is subordninate to the doctrine
subtly or frankly without compromise,
he or she is counting as an agreeing member of the herd only,
as an executing assistant.

Democracy, on the other hand, is demanding orientation without prejudice,
orientation along proven realities.
Democracy requires honesty, immuteable emancipation of every citizen.

Being in common fear of democracy, religion and ideology join into hypocritical coalitions, never minding fundamental differences:
They are covering most of the populated globe by multiplicating their dictations more or less by squaring the circle of the callous submission.
Wherever religion and ideology are becoming identical there is a totality of dehumanisation, not any chance for democracy, no liberal sence and even no decent education, unless in danger and under sharpest restrictions in the hidden underground.
Apropos education!
Whoever believes in all seriousness that every second pupil is able to pass the final exam that allows to study at university, does not know  anything about education, he might be an opponent of democracy as he is mixing up equality of opportunity with equalizing everybody on the same lowest level by ideology.
Shortage of skilled professionals, too many students without ability to study, remarkable psychic problems because of undiminished performance pressure are only a few of the really burning deficits of the educational systems.

There is no democracy without sufficient education, as it is manifested undouptedly at a glance around the globe.

There was no need for the internet to prove this assertion, but necessarily the internet is now taking the part of a witness.
What is twittered along and is unspiritually poured in and out, will weigh more seriously for a longer period than the benefits which are obvious.

Even this kind of “traffic” – the internet – will not continue without efficient rules, because in the net not only rules of priority, for example, are disregarded, but human rights and human dignity.

Those violations are aiming directly and immediately against democratic principles which are invalidated by the mass people who are practising and tolerating the violations - even if those activities sometimes cause some danger to particular ditatorships:
Having removed the despot  the revolutionaries start arguing among themselves (twitter) as they are incapeable for democracy!
On a very smaller stage diverse German little sub-groups of oposition provide illuminating examples of unmasking and rediculous failures.
But actually well-founded opposition is necessary so urgently.

Nevertheless there is a lack of education and truthfulness. Education doesn’t mean factual knowledge only  (though there also is a lack), but it means background knowledge, relationships between methods, causalities and so on.
Truthfulness stands for honesty, accuracy and reliability, hence calculability which one stands by – personally with his full name.
The whole anonymous thicket and ancleanness of the internet is not acceptable and would be easy to handle if there were international serious efforts at last!
Instead too many secret services and other syndicates apparently don’t have any interest.

Thus the internet is no beacon of democracy but a threat, brimming with untruths, hypocritical prapaganda, injustice and desintegration of values.
Not to lose orientation within such a jungle requires everbody’s responsibility and alertness, requires qualified thinking. Only then the worldwide web will develop its particular benefit and value to mankind.

How many people are educated well?

How many camouflaged and undisguised false doctrines against democracy are billowing in the internet and do support hostile trends against democracy not only via this medium! 

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