Dienstag, 24. Mai 2022

If I Were A Rich Man (CG40)


Cosmonomic Glimpse (40)

from a Viewpoint of Liberty

If I were a rich man,

a really wealthy person

with, let us say, some hundred billions of Dollars,

I would make a gift to the world.

My idea is to donate to mankind a completely independent

institute for conflict analysis to explore the establishment and development

of peace and freedom under the very different cultural and political


The challenge would be enormous to avoid violence and starvation, enabling education, healthcare and humanity in common, so lots of enlightened scientists of the various faculties would be working at this institute publishing regularly reports about their works and projects with farsighted advice and recommendations for political decisions.

Yes, it is easy to say: “These are illusions.” I know.

Others of my selfish “super-rich fellows” are flying into space at high costs which are of no use for mankind, suffering so severely!




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