Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2016

Does the Islam Belong to Germany?

A started question of levity, not even the reason of this question will be evident, if a certain opportune actuality is neglected.
So what is Germany?
An apparently secular state? Far-reachingly involved in church and religion affairs? Although people without religion and church membership are representing the numerically strongest group?
Do liberal democratic principles really describe the German fundamental consciousness or does a more conservative and thoughtless society follow more or less accurately the state authorities into the capitalist growth with all its inhumane causes and effects?
Isn't a further conservative orientation, as the Islamic streams are propagating it, coming to an opportune moment to join the apparent ecumenical unity?

So what is Christianity in view of the countless splittings and different interpretations of the Bible?
And what is the Islam, tearing each other by interpretations of the Coran?
Where to are Islamic social orders leading? One may look at the states which are dominated by them!

After all some approaches of enlightenment were made possible by the softening of Christian stances which originally weren't of less cruelty. Of course, this enlightenment meanwhile is financed away by presentable agreements of the insatiable capitalism.

The question „Does the Islam Belong to Germany?“ seems to be quite ridiculous because the various Islamic manners are there in Germany, recently more often, but what is the meaning of „recently“? Once again, what is Germany at present, what was it earlier, how historically of short breath and changing?

The purpose is to create an enlightened liberal democratic humane European space for living in the future.
In trying this all religions have failed and they are on the point of even more afflicting derailment by the multiple use of new technologies.

Religious liberty is „freedom of option“, who would call it in question as it is existing.
The factual and inevitably amounting confrontations of religions are marking a typical temper of all those who feel chosen and are leading to disturbances of the public peace preventing further and higher humane development of zivilisation.

Being misinterpreted as „humane progress“ freedom of religion is implementing the paradox of religion and democracy into the public which means an absolute impossibility because of the exclusivity against each other. In other words: A wrong track to the future, even codified in constitutions. Simply because of their sometimes venerable ages these liberty manifestations, again and again praised as democratic examples, need a consequently secular revision.

The secular enlightened state doesn't follow any religious instructions like officially, for example, astrology doesn't possess any meaning.

No private religious view has the right for missioniring the public, even more it is the duty to integrate oneself in a secular and liberal-peaceful manner, or the logical consequence is possible, in case of religious stubbornness, to look for an adequate habitat out of enlightenment.

Increasing religious immigration, in Germany as in all other countries, is meaning sociopolitical step back by growing irrational conflicts and thus causing the weakening of secular achievments.

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