Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Soldiers of the World!

An actual and special dedication to President Obama and President Hollande.
Compliments to the British Parliament stopping Primeminister Cameron’s war purposes!

Soldiers of the World!
You are detached to murder and to die
by  senseless commanders of egoistic interests.
Senseless is your drill, so senseless your fight
which is set ablaze by mendacious propaganda,
based on secret services of immorality,
enslaved to the war industry,
taken in by stereotypes,
seduced by truth twisting politics,
by politicians of the reprehensible posture.

Because there is not one sensible
and not at all a justified war!
War is underscoring the bloody and final notice of mankind.
For the benefit of barbarism.
But barbarism is depending on two causes, only: Ideolgy and stupidity.
Enlightenment and an equivalent education are creating values by contrast.

Soldiers of the world!
After your death you’ll be honoured – despite equal ‘performances of the duty’ – as “heroes” or you’ll be blamed as “criminals”,
your enforced exodus like that of your ‘enemies’ will be regarded as kitschy bravery or mass murder.
And this is supposed to be a sense of life?
Destruction and suffering!
Endless – again and again – following the allways the same remaining, higher nonsense.

Humans all over the world!
Refuse to cooperate,
wherever you can,
with war, with all its preparations
and the lies which always precede.
You can see through them as a human who is struggling honestly for his freedom and is keeping it carefully.
Right now!

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