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Europe's Pretended Democracy

Apart from the geografically determined terminology I call Europe into question.
What is Europe, does it really exist and if, which will the prospects be?
Or is Europe just billowing like an idealistic dream on the one hand and like an unwelcome despotic and exploitative Goddess of the cheating of liberty on the other hand?
European values?
Who bravely dares when and why to define a community of values?
After this European world-history?

The world is hurt by a crushing occidental adventurism that has been performed especially in the name of a religious mission which represents a mentality of conquest and subjection that is encouriging modern but outdated madmen to follow suit.
Culture is put in the shade, if one might speak of culture at all under those disgraceful aspects.

European powers mauled each other, destroyed other peoples and landscapes, made people slaves by an unscrupulousness that is, at present, escalating worldwide as method of ruling and hegemony.
European keys to success are converted naturally into any cultural traditions whereas they address the satisfaction of greed and the stabilisation of violence and  systems of command.

European superiority arose in particular from the so-called age of rationalism which meant remarkable relaxation of religious rigidity, caused by brave intelligences that brought science and technology also in the daily life. But just this material use of the spiritual relaxation enabled the European rulers to more and more destructive military campaigns. They abused systematically the progress which they never could establish by themselves as they were bound to their dogmatic mental limitations.
Being rather upset about the disastrous impacts of the two worldwars several enlightened people developed the idea of a unified and peaceful Europe, but did they have success in really convincing the politicians and the population? Is Europe on a way of growing humanization or do we only watch a new orientation of old power structures, a further deviding between technological progress and traditional spiritual pedantic growth?

First of all there has been an exceptional long and relatively peaceful coexistence of the European states after the last worldwar. Except some compareably local armed engagements there has been silence because of the primary threat by the splitting into East and West with absolute destructive potentials on both sides. After the dissolution of the Eastern block the European Union grew stronger not only by new members but, above all, as the leading economic power on the continent.

The fascinating European idea became impressive reality by the freedom of travelling and movement of persons and goods and by commonplace collaborations that take place meanwhile as routine operations. War between Eu members seems to be absolutely impossible, one might think who isn’t watching so directly.

Europe’s philosophy, however, is marked by an unbearable lethargy of thought which should be named as what it actually is: unprincipled expediency and inability.
Opinion-making in the media and their best networks is accepted as a matter of course, media working frankly against freedom of the press, generating bogeymen, creating desinformation and concealing essential processes and events.
The European Union is neither a confederation nor a state union of equal members but is following the dictatorship of the capital which is concentrated in a few member states. Without a common constitution the EU is implementing rediculous dicisions of the European Commission like the meanwhile revised standard of the curvature of cucumbers or the valid regulation on light bulbs. A giant parliament is serving as a pseudo-democratic administrative bureaucracy designing and approving laws in favour of banks and the lobbies of oil companies and arms producers.
Traditional exploitation of the Third or Second World is part of the secret but intended procedure camouflaged by inandequate development aid or poor commercial privileges. Weapons and war are profitable business and set the course even in company  of undemocratic ruling systems, integration of rotten religious world views and the keeping on “Christian Values” that have approved as murderous state doctrines since 2000 years support with an antiquated raison of the society which lags more and more desperately behind technological progress.

Democracy and transparency are stopped ideologically by a directed religion of climate-fear-production and by a particularly German so-called “Energiewende” an absurd turnaround in energy policy. Both startegies are targeting of fat-cat payouts of every single citizen – a senseless doing of business that doesn’t appreciate and protect nature but burdens it.

Concerning rigour and unscrupulousness in enforcing capitalistic profit and growth the USA is at first position worldwide. Second is the EU which delivers the explanation for her success that is regarded by people especially in poorer countries with fictious glorification.
Of course, life will be quite comfortable in the USA or in the EU, if one has an income to dispose of, and if the person is an opportinistic or naïve fellow traveller and dogooder. If a person isn’t  in harmony with the “standard”, the exclusion will vary according to the divergence of the critical thinking by covered conceiling up to public condemnation and denunciation or even criminal prosecution.

By no means the European Union is indicating an open-minded (cosmopolitan) society but caused the establishing of numerous smaller states just in younger history, she brings nationalistic and separatist small-mindednesses into the arena and creates home-made Europhobia. The reason is in fundamental diversities concerning economic and currency affairs as well as social and foreign policy.
Some member states belong to NATO, others stay officially neutral – a mixture that culminates in Germany – which let us not forget – as there has been no peace treaty since 1945, as there is no constitution approved by the people and as there is still the enemy state clause of the UN Charta.
The unjustified war against Iraque was fought by the USA essentially from military bases in Germany where the occupators also store American nuclear weapons. (Of course, the occupation will not be called that officially towards the USA because of Germany’s vassalage.)

The enevitable question arises as to wether there is a democratic legitimation of the EU: Can the existence of this alliance of states be justified by a dictation of the capital and by the arbitrariness of administration in Brussels?

As a grandiose idea of humanity Europe, at present, is suffering from an enormous treason – and there are nowhere brave opinion leaders and philosophers bringing this to an end.
Secret services, large companies, economic strategists and war ideologists are preventing the boldest approaches on human dignity and freedom.
Some parts of Europe are performing in complacent satisfation, growth oriented and saturated. At the same time it is ignored how Africa, Latin America, large parts of Asia and even own EU members are left behind.

Up to now Europe is not able literally to jump over her antiquated shadows and to take up really humane changes such as, for example, they are drafted up in the Cosmonomic Manifesto.
Instead of this a secret and so-called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is negotiated with the USA. Undemocratic the methods and undemocratic the substance!
We know similar contemptuous proceedings at the Bilderberg Conferences. 
European parliament elections appear as farces against such backgrounds, as higher national dulling and camouflage of an actual decline in democracy.

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