Montag, 3. September 2012

Stand Up, Europe, If You Can!

In the year 2012 the European Union bears all the characteristics of a post-war settlement which is still determined by the winning attitude especially of the USA.
They are pulling the strings with the help of Germany as their vassal, because on the one hand nothing goes in Europe without Germany and France, and on the other hand Germany, still occupied by US troops, has no constitution that is ratified by the people, Germany is not sovereign, not even fully contractable.

The basic fear of a dominant German state and a superior Deutsche Mark (DM) led to the ill-conceived construct of the EU, gathering more and more immature members, and caused the establishing of the Euro, without creating a common i.e. a consistently aligned economic policy.

The wishy-washy entity of Europe, of course, was a gain at first glance considering former European quarrels, but it cannot persist in growing competition with the USA, China, Russia, Japan and the numerous up-coming emerging economics.

There is no democratic European overall system concept, so an unimaged degradation of democracy is taking place in the culture of administration and government. Capital has long since taken away the powers from the governments. The European Union is starting fundamental arguing, the danger of the deterioration of the, up to now, positive achievements is turning into reality already.

Within a real European united state – which is the only consequence – the following sentence would be impossible: “Greece is harming Germany.” The speaker would be making a fool of himself.
But the real situation looks different. The German blabberer of a similar formulation is building up prejudice, is harming Germany, Greece and Europe, and he surely shows that he is, by conviction, no European, perhaps he is a nationalist who doesn’t understand the main principles of an emancipated Europe.
The same applies when members of parliament too hastily pass European and international treaties without understanding the contents of the documents.

Lights go out already for millions of people in Europe, but politicians and finance bosses babble about unlimited getting into dept without consequneces. They start the printing press for banknotes!

It is high time that we carry the European spirit into the people’s hearts!  Because a commission of administration doesn’t attract any people.

The European intellectuals are called and challenged!
Where are they actually? Is the occident sleeping?

Stand up, Europe, if you still can!

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