Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

No Cosmonomic Order Of Paderborn

My friend Daniel Dragomirescu from Romania, also Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Contemporary Literary Horizon, started one of his recent e-mails by the sentence 
“I hope everything is all right in the Cosmonomic Order of Paderborn!”

I take this opportunity to give here a short description of my situation as I answered him:

“There is no "Cosmonomic Order of Paderborn"  :>)
because Paderborn is one of the most catholic regions in Germany and my cosmonomic philosophy has no chance to be even mentioned in the current media here.
Even with my personal friends I can't discuss about cosmonomy, most of them have their cultural roots in the christian churches where they feel bound to more or less strictly. - In some way I feel like an "alien".

To be free from religion might have been accepted by most of the people, but further more being no nationalist or patriot, to think as a pacifist and cosmopolitan, not believing the mass media in their lies about the causes of climate changes, pandemies, criticizing in addition capitalistic exploitation and its creation of terrorism, demanding better education and healthcare concepts etc. etc.
- that  altogether is too much, most of my fellow citizens can stand.

So, my dear friend Daniel, you must know that I am not an actual German representative, by far the most temporary Germans think different - if they think at all (!!!!)” 

Daniel replied:
“Very interesting informations about the situation of you in such a catholic region as Paderborn. 
And I think you are right regarding this alienant situation. 
Unfortunatelly, we are far from living in "the best possible world". 
It's strange this current trend to astrology, to medieval superstitions etc. And unacceptable for each person who likes "la libre pensee".” 

And talking about the new Anthology 2 which he is going to publish these days Daniel remarked:

“Yes, I think in the Anthology 2 will be selected your essay about "Nazi Totalitarism". 
You could try to write the part 2 of this essay, regarding the sofisticated neototalitarismus of our times (you are one of its "victims").”

Meanwhile I am very pleased that more and more people from all over the world are visiting my site.

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