Freitag, 15. Mai 2015

Non-divine Humanity

O distinguished thirst for justice,
they moisten your lips with fire-water
and roughen your throat by offering just vinegar.
Refuse to swallow this splashed drink
which is served by hidden smiling
in consciousness of its bad effectiveness
by mixing glamerous unfairnesses,
and in poisoned intention.
“Cheers”, they say
meaning just themselves – not you.

O dignified hunger for emancipation,
they fob you off with toads,
feed you with flatulent grub.
Don’t gulp down what they are offering to you
by the insolence of the right of the strongest,
by the injustice of the richer ones and freebooters
and by bloody slavery.
“Enjoy the meal”, they celebrate the repast,
always providing themselves with the best – not you.

Your thirst, your hunger, o humanity,
they are suffocated
because of your innocence,
your credulity and brain-washed stupidity.
You are religious?
Any God declares you to be dust?
And you are praising him for this?
Right away you are attackable
because  of your God’s arrogance
of being the only truth,
and accordingly, the rediculously holy cause
of culture fights and wars of extermination.

Thus experienced as common practice,
o humanity, you don’t have any scruples
about living out your western, christian-jewish richness
at the expense of the poor ones, of the Third World.
But you don’t have the right of that.
Your God, like all other Gods,
Is not only illusion
but the evil.

Satisfying your thirst for justice,
your hunger for emancipation,
vote out the cup of blood,
the body eating of a psychopathic prophecy.
Define responsibly
what you drink, what you eat.
The table of your life
is to be set and decorated by yourself.

Eating and drinking unfold the honesty of life.
May the uprightness rise exemplarily as non-divine humanity.

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