Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

The State is us

It is not the state that ranges higher than the human being but the human is the up-most authority in the state which assists the community to cope with everyday life.

No state, considering its own coming and passing, its temporary existence, has the right of demanding or even forcing sacrifices of human lives.
The constitutional law of the state's defense against aggressors is characterizing the armed forces by clear defense mission, excluding definitely any war of aggression.
Nobody can be forced to armed force against one's will.
The defense army consequently consists of volunteers.

But the highest priority of the state is the preservation of peace by perspective politics, including all spheres of life.
This means especially the forbidding of economical overreaching and exploitation, of arms trade and military build-ups in other states and organizations as well as the interference of companies and religious groups with democratic decision-making processes and with the execution of decisions taken by liberal agreement.

To offset militant patriotism and primitive racism high educational standards of the population are necessary, so the state has to guarantee appropriate educational offers.
It is not a matter of creating well functioning one-track specialists and consumers under state control and paternalism but it relates to the (even earlier propagated) empowered citizen with the ability of thinking and deciding accordingly to an enlightened and humane world view that is free from ideology and is objectified, that is responsible, emancipated, provided with empathy and education of the heart, that respects distinguished talents and avoids egalitarianism.

The exaggeration of the national state, often appealing to “God”, is representing a hypocritical outrage against the human, reviles the citizen and the international community and is only aiming at the claim to power and the maintaining power of blended egomaniacs and their followers.

Supplementary reference: The Cosmonomic Manifesto

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