Montag, 15. August 2016

Escalation Of The Error

If the error is “just human“ and nothing special, it must be a careless playing down of just an error, because, in the real sense, the human life is suffering from errors, well, it is dying of them by tremendous excesses.

The everyday error and its often non-discern are giving the error its endless normality that is interrupted only, if tragic or sensation will lead to a particular personal shock.
Error is meaning false expert advice, inaccurate assessment, conclusion far from reality and absurd action. The reference value is determined by the prospering human life, every intent of causing illness, every destruction and extermination against the human individual, in this sense, is meaning error.

A random glance on human history is showing chains of errors during all epochs and in every region. The more people the more inadequacies, incompetencies and illusions. Modern technologies are increasing the emergence and the effects of aberration many times; there is no limitation in sight.
Countless mean egoistic interests, claims to power provide targeted disinformation and dogmas of Faith for the purpose of mass enticement, of mass aberration. Shelter against this can succeed by experience, knowing and education only which are not given to everyone and are very different in the majority of people. Further aspects are the personal age and socio-cultural conditions which carry weight, beside the innate intelligence, in developing the desirable and constructive critical intellectual capacity.

A humane true moral that realizes its necessity and obligation is leading to a standard of living in stabilized superiority over all forms of bogus morality and double standards. It enables to consequent respect of the common human rights and the ideals of freedom and emancipation and it puts the striving for peace universally right on top of the agenda of the social intercourse.

Viewing at the present world, not only disillusion is setting in but severe concern is spreading out because of the manifold squalidness which, in times of global networking and at highest population, pile up a new complexity of most serious conflicts.
The quite openly shown dopiness and primitiveness of mightiest rulers and the also primitive indifference of insatiable consumer societies are creating a most explosive situation of tension as a thread into the smallest private sphere.
Unresolved racism, anachronistic patriotism, nationalism and religious fundamentalism are feeding the old fires of destruction but this time by an unexpected mixture of fuel and from always newly rearmed arsenals.

In view of millions of refugees and hunger related deaths worldwide, in view of the impoverishment of complete continents we have to get to know without euphemisms: The human being, up to now, has been an error of himself. He is killing each other in the name of hieroglyphs, he is interested primarily in his ego which he is naturally caring for at the expense of exploitation of others, of underprivileged individuals and peoples.
Mankind extensively owes this inhumane construct which meanwhile is established worldwide to the Anglo-American principle of capitalism. This principle, in spite of hypocritical assurance of democracy, unifies all rights of the stronger. Imperialism which was believed hastily to be overcome has been polished by rigorous argumentation and bogus morality so that today even former imperialist class enemies are integrated, and slavery of capitalists of every color goes on without hindrance.

It is for this reason that there must occur terrorist uprising and resistance. But this doesn't matter the avaricious broker nor the consumer mob who is captured in thoughts of demand, who lacks education, humanity and empathy in a depressing way.
Consequent turning away from the errors and confusions is meaning peace research and immediate controlled transparent disarmament. As there is no chance of earning money by this in the demanded superficiality all those confused ones trust in military, in producing weapons up to the idiotic “overkill”: “After us, the deluge!” or more unconcerned burgeois:
It has always fared well.”
But it is not going well. Plenty of TV programs are offering daily idiocy and violence as their principles of entertainment and this makes an impact as brutalization and dullness are widening in all social classes. Free arms trade and weapons ownership, such as in the USA, bring out appropriate uncontrollable fatal effects which cannot be stopped even by the embarrassing chatter of politicians and lobbyists.

Capitalism, behaving more liberal than other tyrannies, is aiming openly to a minority of ever getting richer ones as an exploiting class over the rest of the world. It happens by a raging national dulling which is the result of common level falls in educational requirements, of egalitarianism, of publishing company agglomeration, of enforced press conformity, of intrusive and distorting advertising that is similar to mental pollution, of fueled sensationalism and generation of anxiety, of unsettling distributions of the untruth and definitely wrong doctrines and, at last, of continuous chumminess with religions and esoteric movements.
All these campaigns are boosted by pretended ambitious goals like environment protection, liberty, health and humanity, distinguished and higher honorable targets are deluded, also giving the blessing to the simple silting up of many of the pompous fashions in the absence of relevance.
Enemy images are originated and pushed in order that humans, as enemies, get ready to any sacrifice, to offer their lives for the reprehensible benefits of war profiteers with their ideologies and denominations.

Empowered immaturity and ignorance are decorating the flags of the capitalist error which eats away itself because of cooperation with but every injustice for profit optimization. Thus it fathers and gives birth to the global terrorists which it even feeds fatty for reasons of the lies about “justified” wars.

If it is not possible for human intelligence to develop new and honest social patterns soon, more or less according to the Cosmonomic Manifesto, the human error will rapidly kill itself. The, meanwhile, very reliable technologies will overextend and run over the unreliable behavior, will run over the error.
Actual American mental and moral barbarisation like the European small-minded backward orientation are significant indications of the global emergency for the opening of a new era. Other cultures elsewhere which do directly depend on the so-called West are just tragic playthings for a new orientation of mankind because their attitudes of consciousness are stagnating even much further backwards in traditional unhappiness though they also have developed enormous powers. They are wrong, per se, and strive additionally for the western errors what is not agreeing with them and not with us all.

Growth” of the rich is the creed of the inhumane capitalism, but it is the error alone that is escalating to this immensity. It is culminating in radical incomprehension and speechlessness, in the believing in blind fights of hereafter fantasies and megalomania.
But believing is not only ignorance, believing is error.
And there we face the roots of human tragic: The believers don't drop their error. They don't dare and they don't want it. Learning disability is leading from one disaster to the next catastrophe.

Real life is demanding reality, is yearning for care, wants to practice dignity and wants to differ from the animal like. It wants to know!
Its values are of understanding character and not of pipe dreams, ideologies and Gods
which allegedly are floating above life.

May liberal enlightenment meet the people, still in time and comprehensively, even if it doesn't seem so, actually.
Don't let us pray but think causally and act responsibly humanely, nonviolently, incorruptibly; dedicated to emancipated life, here and now.

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