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The Refugees' Tragedy

Refugee Crisis


The Interim Human doesn’t Escape from his Causality Circle

Analysing, planning, acting, reviewing the result, confirming and covering it.
Believing doesn’t mean analysing but, at best, well-meaning attempts of speculative ignorance.

Once again Europe is presenting itself disunited upon its supposed values and its fixed values within global mankind. The reason of this is, for long, a smouldering and now exploding refugee problem which obviously is overcharging all the parties concerned. No solution is in sight because wisely ignoring politics created the prior conditions of the refugee masses and are clinging to their lunatic principles inspite of the acute situation.

Analysing the Countries of Origin

Most of the countries the refugees are coming from are characterized by Islamic persuasions, are covered by violence and terror caused by different contrary interpretations of the Koran. There is no Islamic country having even an approaching free and democratic order because such a social system is contradictory to the Islam in all its conceived shades.
To the same extent the religious orientation is preventing technological progress and economic prosperity, except in those states which, from a western perspective, indeed are violating human rights but are staying in a “strategic” partnership with the capitalism. The excesses of violence and civil wars in the refugees’ home countries are fueled by extensive supplies with arms from abroad, among others, member states of the EU, Germany to a large degree.
The so-called “Arabian Spring” was supported by manyfold western activities and led to the overthrowing of Islamic dictatorships, leaving the countries just in chaos as the western officials didn’t think of any alternative concept and, at last, had to recognize that Islamic citizens cannot agree with the western canon of values at all.
It seems comprehensible that more and more people are trying to flee from the endless suffering and the barbaric mutual slaughter and that they leave their countries at the highest risk of their lives making desparate use of all opportunities to find refuge in functioning European states, particularly, as the refugees, in practice, are insufficiently and wrongly informed about Europe and the world at all.

Analysis of the European Union

The world public and in particular the European Union for a long time have known what is going on in Islamic states and just as long the eyes have been closed to the misery of refugees which is now escalating and is waking up Europe from its complacent partitioning and is leading it into unhibited nationalist disagreement.
This federation of states that refers hypocratically to “Christian values” practices, by its own protection, an impoverishment of the “Third World”, exploits discretely the so-called developing countries keeping them dump and poor by flimsy and miserable development aid.
The situation is getting worse by the significantly capitalist cooperation with unjust regimes like Russia, China and others which nevertheless are acting worldwide in sharp opposition to the EU and, just like them and America, persue flourishing arms trade and supply rogue states as well as terrorist organisations with war material.
Peaceful solutions in crisis countries are prevented by veto votings in the UN Security Council, are ruled out by the honourable “business partners” of a global capitalism that is liquidating uneffectedly human lives for money but is giving itself the appearance of being religious, emancipated and philantropic.
This has nothing in common with “enlightened” order of society. Though, for example, many people are turning away from the curches these institutions of faith still have a traditionally deep-rooted power and are in close connections to all kinds of secular institutions. Leaving the churches hardly means a turning away from religious attitude but rather a turning to quirky pseudoreligion, esoterics and lack of contact with reality.
However, certain secularizations led to Europe’s enlightened progresses over all fundamentalistic and orthodox stagnations in the crisis states.
The fear for Islamic immigrants, in cosmonomic view, is justified because of their religion which is causing conflicts and delays.

The refugees have no idea how long since undemocratically the might has changed from the EU to the capital, to banks and big firms, instead they hear and see of prosperity, welfare and freedom particularly in Germany which meanwhile is the leading economic power of the EU. As other EU states, especially Great Britain, also a powerful economic EU member, are refusing the refugees the wish to come to Germany seems quite logical. Germany still may have the most liberal order in form of a “Grundgesetz” which, de facto, is not even a constitution voted for by the people.
So the refugee misery is also caused extensively by those countries which now are the goal and hope of the maltreated ones – a causality circle that can’t be solved because the EU is not able to analyse itself and the world.


Thus there will be no forward-looking planning and not at all a humane and liberal-democratic solution.
Refering to my aphorism at the beginning there will follow no reformed acting. Any ad hoc decisions will not change the underlying cause.
The general growth illusions are not impressed by the concrete human suffering.
We are facing a world situation – for the refugee tragedy isn’t only European – which the decision-makers of these world states, in their interim human limitations, do not understand or do accept approvingly.
Helpful groups of the population on-site definitely feel more responsibly the duty to humanity. But their praisworthy and admirable operational readiness doesn’t change anything of the disaster’s cause which represents a result that politicians, elected by the helpers, share the responsibility for.
This, of course, is disputed vehemently and ideologically!


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