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Grass-Roots Democracy Has No Base

My cosmonomic reflections on democracy (Orizont Literar Contemporan, Sept – Oct 2011) came, inter alia, to the conclusion that democracy and capitalism are inconsistent. Decisions are not made by the people but by financially strong institutions, companies and influential bodies.
Knowing about this and because of the everyday missteps, national as international, the call for grass-roots democratic self-determination of the peoples is rising according to the thoroughly democratic sense: All power goes out from the people.

In principle nothing seems to speak against the idealistic demand but the conversion into reality, from the start, comes across inconsistencies, problems of definition and otherworldliness that is derived from ignorance and abstruce inclinations to believings.
Nobody can seriously approve a qualified majority vote that is given by an unknowing, indifferent mass which is far from enlightenment. It would be the glorifying of just stupidity only by the fact that the majority is representing it.

Democracy decays into a farce if the electors won’t be critically reflected.

The value of democracy is established by the qualification for voting.
In other words: A minimum of education and abilities should be given to get the right for voting – similar to common qualifications in the professional world. Combining the right for voting with the lowest school exam, for example, can be regarded as minimum level only, because in strict sense it is no “quality assurance”. All those further freedoms for fools can’t be excluded in this way. The mental flatness as published in the boulevard-press and women’s magazines, in the media in common, can’t be eliminated.
This is the reason why the government mainly has the duty to rule and a referendum should only be held on very special subjects. – As an own shelter to the people!

The people is subject to the short-lived manipulation, the mass is unable to think, but is parroting slogans, is circling around the Kaaba, is cheering to the “Holy Nonsense” in Rome, is polemizing in bad language via the internet, is driving with full speed into the next traffic jam, is wandering like ants along the dunes of Maspalomas, is flying from one price advantage to the next bargain and to the next partner without liability.
Many people don’t find the time for thinking during their everyday struggle for existence, maybe in pure poverty or in career addiction.

Grass-roots democracy is needing a very different humanist education, is needing the enlightenment as it has been largely unknown up today, because just every peace is cheated by war.

Grass-roots democracy may be an honourable feeling in view of the unsolved problems with the establishing of real democratic deputies. But the key is lying  in true parliamentarianism with hard and vigilant work, not connected with party whips and corruption lobby, but in liability of each member of parliament before the voter.

There is no majority for any party in voter turnouts at under 50 percent!
The seemingly winners do sunbathe as a minority above an intentionally silly and unlightened kept mass of people.

In actual fact, democracy is currently still living only by hope for a stable base.
The fundament has still to be poured.

(German version: Siehe Monatsarchiv Nov. 2011)

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