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Democracy - A Cosmonomic Reflection

There Is No Binding Definition Of Democracy

Being aware that both former German states announced themselves as democracies though they belonged to completely contrary social and political systems, the discrepancy of the term “democracy” can’t appear clearlier.
Not so obvious but very serious are the contrasts of the propagated democratic ambitions, mainly by the western world, to the real situations which not only show deficits but embody calculated antidemocratic principles.
A common and binding definition of “democracy” does not exist instead of much ideological and imposing mockery.


There is full use of philosophizing about democracy as the fundamental idea is anchored in Greek history which was mainly shaped by a ruling elite that could afford to philosophize. The common people weren’t asked directly, being unable to answer anything essential because of little or no education.
Nowadays we have a grotesque example of democratic misunderstanding by the German Grundgesetz (Basic Law) because we can read in Article 20, Paragraph 2: “All authority comes from the people”.
In the German language they use for “authority” “Staatsgewalt” which is in direct translation: violence of state.
A real democratic state is aiming to non-violence, so it should be written: “All power (German: Macht) of state comes from the people.”
Besides that the Grundgesetz is not a constituion as one can read in Article 146: “This Grundgesetz is losing its validity on that very day when a constitution will come into force, that the German people has voted for in free decision.”
This free decision on a constitution has been prevented since the German unification.

Germany clings to the Grundgesetz instead which includes a passage of excluding a democratic new orientation in Article 79, Paragraph 3:
“A changing of this Grundgesetz, which touches the federal structure of the whole country and the fundamental participation of the states in the legislation or the principles documented in Articles 1 and 20, is not allowed.”
In a little flippant manner this is called “the clause of eternity”.
It is easy to discover the handwriting of the victor nations which installed the “Parlamentarischer Rat” (Parliamental Council) in 1949 to elaborate the Grundgesetz that was to be accepted by the governments of the states only but not by the people who never were asked.
In spite of these restrictions Germany never before had such a free social order so that other people envy the country quite rightly.
But this fact also illustrates how little democracy there is in the world at all.
At a nearer glance the existing democratic states prove as desillusioning and only appear so on the face of them, their democracies are based on mass opportunism, ignorance and regional selfishness and on uncritical mentality of consumption.
Who dissociates himself from that, however, and is courageous enough to examine the system critically recognizes easily the morass behind the glamour of the facades.
If this critics sound too loud, he will barely succeed in his career. Perhaps he is allowed to speak, but nobody listens to him, there are no reactions, the subject is not talked about in public. That is method meanhwhile.

If all the power is to come from the people, you’ll have to ask: Who is the people? And who is the so praised responsible citizen? Is the people willing, is ist able to execute power? Is the knowledge sufficient for responsibility?
On the other hand, are the ruling politicians really interested in the people’s right to have a say in the decision beyond the nodding consent?
Aren’t the usual democracies subject to anachronistic ideologies, especially to the capitalistic religion of God Mammon who is frankly cultivating his relationship with the Jewish-Christian God and is punnishing the opponents of capitalism and lets them bleed?

At the beginning of the democratic fairy tale appears the illusion of equal rights as a condition for the function of the democracy of the money where everybody allegedly can reach everything (American dream).
It is a plain lie because more and more money is concentrated on a few rich ones who execute non-democratic influence. They pay the lowest taxes or none.
There is no question of tax justice, capitalism doesn’t want to know anything about equality as it is accepting systematically lots of unemployed people, legalized low-wages groups, temps, seasonal workers and lack of emancipation.
Pretending democracy and in spite of the deplorable situations the selfish capitalism ensures that a large part of the population can follow a cheap state of exhilaration being occupied with the satisfaction of stupid desires but not with critical protests, quite the reserve, to identify with the “liberal-democratic” system.
For this purpose the lower social class is kept as dump as possible. This is easily done by an education system of permanent reformatory efforts and by idiotic media programmes that simulate democracy as indeed only a few media companies try to raise their profile in a trade rivalry for market share offering an equal quality of nonsense. They reach positions of power, so no president considers himself above an interview. Since the opposition, too, gets opportunity to reply and self-promotion, “democracy” works!
Really critical voices are, as mentioned before, simply faded out or withheld or if they can’t be hidden, they will appear tendentious and distorted.

Since years it is a pseudodemocratic habit to create fear and confusion by regularly appearing szenarios of pandemic and by sensational and scientifically intolerable intepretations of natural phenomena. The propaganda is very distinct and has already confirmed a dictatorship of opinion in the eco-scene, a dictatorship which is even stronger concerning the climate subject matter, where major business interests have installed a pseudo-religion – intolerant and annihilating against opposition.

The western world in common is to blame because of its democartic moderation and its undermining readiness to compromises, or in other words: The democratic standards are handled in a much too flabby mood. Anti-democratic activities are not only accepted but they are intended as if normal and they are realized. The population is used to this and is not aware of being cheated. People don’t want to know! Even wise persons follow dogooders’ behaviours and think it unpossible being deceived like this.

The EU Commission is ruling by decrees as they are known with absolute rulers, the sovereignity of every single EU-member state is drastically deminished without ever asking the peoples’ vote in detail.

Election campeigns are performed like expensive glamour shows that have nothing to do with the candidates’ competences and human qualifications but a lot with corruption and extortion.
The result is a usually small participation in elections, which doesn’t unsettle the so elected ones’ primitive greed of power in any way.

Considering further more the inglorious activities of intelligent services of the democratic governments and their purposeful confraternizations with religious despots, only an ugly caricature of democratic progress is left and an image of man that is affording a class-medicine (private, cashpatient and undersupply), a caricature that leads people into poverty, that lets the starving die because of egoism and lack of logistical intention.

Democracy without clear definition is phasing out itself more and more because it is achieving its ostensible wealth on exploitation and advantage, for profit is the propagated erroneous but dominating credo.
Depending on profit making gigantic public dept is rising, guilt is accumulating.

The sum of the mountain of debts is an objective measure of the cold-blooded indiffernce a state offers towoards the young generation.


Here and now no reorientation is possible since the mass men, peoples as well as rulers, can’t be reprogrammed by keyboard. – Who should write the programme?
Mankind won’t be spared the long way of “learning by doing” and “trial and error” aquivalent to the very long way out of medieval barbarity which is still to be cleared nowadays in many places.

To lay the foundations of non-violence, peace and equality we need very different structures of thinking from the present habits. In particular there must be an opening to honesty and truthfulness, an abandonment of diplomatic and fraudulent formulation. Common education, transperancy of administration and communication systems, traceability are just some pillars of openess to the world and self-determination.

The meaning of being can’t be defined, perhaps it is the search for the meaning itself which demands a humane facilitating of the being.

Setting An Individual Good Example
Religions and ideologies usually patronize the “interim-human”, whose replacement can’t be expected in the near future. For the time being some enlightened minorities and single persons project a vague first glimmer of hope on further humane livings and circumstances all over the globe.

The right for joy of life only can become reality as freedom within the society whereas the liberal community has to respect privacy.
Because of the natural finiteness of every life just this life represents the highest value at all.
The mass interim-human is far distant from such humane consensus. And that’s the reason why he is not prepared for real democracy, not able to grant the fellow human beeings true parity.
Hence the individual person will be the starting point of changes, so every enlightened person may realize his or her own importance. Such exemplary life may be the direction sign to a cosmonomic human being, to a living together as it is documented and recommended by the Cosmonomic Manifesto.
(The Cosmonomic Manifesto can be found in archive November 2009.)

I beg the readers’ pardon for my not so fluent English.

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