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Freedom Defines Humanity

Man’s picture of himself and of the others is of shadowy apparance only. There are concepts of all styles and techniques, even complete paintings which are representing, at best, a respectively regional search but in no way the human in freedom.
Undoubtedly the human being – and not the subject – will find to himself only, if he lives in liberal circumstances.
The meaning of freedom may depend on superficial feelings but is categorically a question of intelligence and education, both to be understood as antipodes of egoism and self-assertion. At this level of selfconsciousness only debates on freedom make sense.
Man is bound to historical givenness, to conditions and inherent necessities which are excluding an absolute freedom in a manner that offers a “freedom of voting” between different options on precondition that the search for options is intelligent and responsible. This, then, is about developing individual choices and not imaginations of freedom, for example, under religious influence that is – similar to systems of totalitarism – talking into believing in freedom by brainwash and enforcing it even violently.

Humane cosmonomic freedom requires higher quality than the current democratic implementations which, although pleasing libertarian in comparison with the omnipresent systems of compulsion and the indoctrinated societies, do not withstand a sound analysis because they are hollowed by double moral standards and are cheated by interests of power and capital.
The contexts of such intrigues are becoming clear only by adequate background knowledge, by having wide and alert interests which are the bases of critical faculties and contributing capabilities.
Exactly those criteria are still concealed by the usual democracies at the beginning of the 21st century by an unequalled misleading of the masses.
To sum up: Human freedom in such circumstances is impossible.

All the celebrations of “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” as victory of humane values got wild and are used as fuel for globally uncounted and even secret wars. Warmongers and war profiteers are determininig unalteredly the fate of the globe by improving equipment.
Wherever this happens in the name of liberal self-adulation the methods are even more perfidious for the individual fate that doesn’t count.
However, presidents, chancellors, monarchs and popes may appear embarrassing but they play the keyboards of stupidity in a virtuous manner: Desperados of Egomania. Dictators, at least, roar out their hate of human freedom truly and unambiguously.

Freedom, in particular, is a brainpower creating nonviolence, freedom from military pressure, is preventing wars and stabilising pacifism.
But pacifism doesn’t mean indecisions on destructiveness, quite the contrary: Lived pacifism is fighting with logic, perspective and consequence against its opponents. For example, pacifism doesn’t practice appearently peaceful money-deals with unfree regimes, doesn’t exercise any diplomatic low trade, avoids weapon-deals and, inter alia, is creating distance to the less peaceful capitalism and to unpacified religions.

Building up freedom and stabilising it by force of arms is drawing a fatal phantom because weapons actually mean captivity of mankind characterizing the evolutionary interim phase which is marked essentially by stupidity, a typical state of mind that could be stopped long since by humane reasons were it not for mightiest powers against.

Most people objectively live in miserable living conditions as the world population is growing and a few privileged people only store their profits. This is applicable to several groups as well as to the United Nations. As long as the industrial and progressive societies which are systematically made dump deliberately conceal that status freedom will be an option just for dreamers to escape. The mob is resistant to peace and is kept specially powerless proven even by activism and idiotic diligence.

In Germany, for example, they drove methodologically the education system “on the wall”, they bungled the healthcare system, formed the media landscape into a sump of mockery of intelligence, they lost orientation in financial spheres, they juggle with dressed-up unemployment figure, they are even fighting war which is circumscribed in belittling manner, they propagate maniac environment scenarios that even the weather report is characterizing the whole situation: “Potential of thunderstorm or, simply, climate without competence!”
The only system apparantly functioning without complication is spying and observing the citizens.

How is this possible in one of the most liberal states at all on earth?
Firstly, Germany is queueing up in the obviously international decadence of capitalism, secondly, the former “land of poets and thinkers” holds a special status as a direct result of the unconditioned capitulation of the Nazi dictatorship.

As is well known, Germany was divided into two states because of the controversies among the allied victors and to this very day there is no peace treaty. The West, at that time, hurried up and founded the “provisional” Federal Republic of Germany and the East answered with the “for ever” established GDR. It is historical irony that the “provisional” solution from the beginning played the better cards, and, after all, the communist state surrendered and was integrated into the “provisional” on basis of the Two plus Four Treaty.
This particular contract does not substitute a peace treaty and doesn’t  guarantee the German sovereignty whereas the Anglo-American troops didn’t retreat from their occupation zones.
Furthermore the reunited Germany has no constitution because the valid Grundgesetz (Basic Law) is examplarily and conditionally liberal but there is no legitimation by the people. The former parliamentary council (Parlamentarischer Rat), as creator of the Basic Law, was installed on command from the Western Allies and consisted of 65 identities (plus 5 not voting members of Berlin) and not of elected representatives of the people. (The federal parliaments were allowed to agree to the act.)
The Basic Law is conditionally liberal only because it includes Article 79 (3) which states that the division of the state into different states (Bundesländer) never ever can be changed. In addition, the Basic Law is demanding the establishment of a constitution as soon as Germany is reunited. Up to now there are no indications that the task will be fulfilled.
At the latest, since 1945 Germany is not a sovereign and free state even though it is comparably influential as economic power. This seeming potential follows from a strict dependence from the USA which grant to Germany the roll of a vassal.

Let’s return to the beginning of our thoughts: “Freedom is voting”.
The German citizens, like the most worldwide, have no options of free elected alternatives but are just allowed to vote on nuances within the failing capitalist society draft.
Most of the people don’t take any notice, they are not to realize. Whatever the global US-subjects are voting for, Obama and his actual stringpullers will not be effected in their strategies of world determination.
For long terms such stultified meaning of freedom is converting the being of men globally into a dump twilight which, at any time, may violently escalate without any improvements of earlier epochs, and which is swearing solemnly mankind to live as underdogs for the arbitrary sacrifice on the battlefield.

Conclusion: Freedom exists within tactically ordered limits which hardly allow the founding dimension of human life.

It is firstly evident that cosmonomic philosophy today must be sensed mostly as futuristic and even as an ivory tower.
Nevertheless, the Cosmonomic Manifesto is indicating a clarification on the horizon, a mark of hope even for present times of usual crap, of anxious uncertainty, and of more and more unnaturally appearing loss of orientation.

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