Samstag, 1. November 2014

Carpe Diem

Prayers are based on emotions, not on stupidity or on intelligence, because they are formulated by virtue of learning that is practically started by baptism and that paralyses any critical components of even the most intelligent brain and this is why, more or less randomly, only a few people escape from the illusions of prayers.

Imagine an indoctrinated “God”, “Jahwe”, “Allah” etc. whose “ears” permanently receive billions(!) of prayers: Israelites beg for the good of their country, the Palestinians as well, the fan of Celtic Glasgow pleads for the victory like simultaneously the friend of Glasgow Rangers, German Christians in majority prayed for Hitler, the people of other nations each for their government and soldiers. They all went into the heaviest human inferno, blessed by God. And the march is going on.
This would be the “Lord”, if he was there!

The imaginary unshaped character, being omniscient, would have planned the world down to the last detail and would have created it, thus would be responsible for Good and Evil to the human whom he is torturing until death, believers think, even longer perhaps as reward also. If a person dies from a consequently ongoing suffering of cancer accordingly to the universal plan, God’s children indeed will imagine that the higher “ruler of the world” may have just made a mistake and, by stammering prayers, would correct his decision for the benefit of the sick one. God, in doing so, should have “known” anyway before the prayers for the dying person.
Even a senile pope in his last hours is accompanied by millions of prayers. What for? Should he never end, stay on earth eternally? Or is he suspected to be such a sinner that orgies of prayers should prevent him from hell which God, if need be, will have ignited for him as well, though the “Vicar of Christ” even practiced the ritual of exorcism in his life time. (Earlier “Holy Fathers” performed entirely different orgies.)

The procedure of the whole Catholic worship is reminding intensively on scenes of sports events when, before starting the game, the teams are gathering for cheering up themselves. Nothing other are the often repeated prayers and references to God during the Holy Mass. Is the “creator” deaf or forgettable that you have to praise him again and again, that you have to confess your faith and to replicate the same beggings ad nauseam, that you even have to thank for being allowed to belief in “Him”, that you are elected?
The operation is clear, the fellow Christians are to be tied up with religion by the repetitions like a prayer wheel because, if the inevitable death happens, no God will help. The died person is dead and the believers are so shocked, in the situation of abandonment they actually should be pleased with the luckiness of the deceased. But despite of all the litanies the faith isn’t going that far. Nature itself obviously is preserving a rest of scepticism for the deceived brain, a scepticism that is boiling up in the focus of human finitude of life and is having an effect the more dramatically the less the mind has been used to take part before in enlightened thinkings.

Suffering legitimates every search for relief.

However, prayers are reinforcing the sufferings by distance from reality and the regularly following disappointments which, in turn, should be coped by prayers.
Concerning the limited effect of placebos in the individual case the prayer is just witnessing the spiritual childishness of man because the growing-up is prevented by illogicality which is camouflaged as “mystery of faith” and is instilled ideologically.
If enlightenment which, of course, is in existence will not awake finally, there might germinate the last “Amen” as the world population rises. The lunacy would just interrupt a path of evolution, by the way, very typically.

Therefore optimism is advised to further generations also because it is worthwhile to meet the religions on the level of intellect, namely on all human spheres.
There is a saying, rather superficial but very true:
“No risk, no fun.”
Life offers plenty of beauty that should encourage the naturalistic and religion-free thinker to take bravely his risk which is, at nearer glance, no recklessness or even daredevilry because it characterises nothing else but the ancient “Carpe diem!” 
Twenty-four hours of brightness and night, just for understanding, for ethical appreciation and enjoying.  

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