Freitag, 13. Januar 2017

Let us start: Right now!

Cosmonomic world-consciousness does not resign before the most dazzling figures on the political stage.
Really independent consciousness does not sprout by party membership and by religion affiliation, not in ideological relation to the worldwide inhumanity.

Free-spirited Awakening: Now!

  1. Internalization of the Cosmonomic Manifesto
  2. Studies of the complete Blog Raymond Walden
  3. Discussions (if possible) in the social environment
  4. Usage of many quotations from the Blog
  5. Frequent visits to the Blog
  6. Sharing and recommending

The goal of this free-spirited awakening is not a political organization but the possibly worldwide establishment of cross-party cosmonomic philosophy of consequently humane thinking of individual persons.

Orientation, encouragement, vital energy and self-confidence in the minds of belonging to a worldwide enlightenment, to a liberal initiative and to a spiritual offensive!

The intelligent world gives us all a welcome and stands open to incentive thinkers.

Access for all autonomously thinking persons: 


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