Samstag, 7. Januar 2017

Individualistic Contemplation

Light in the dark,
freely available, of any intensity,
a flair of freedom,
switched on brainlessly, but the opposite also,
for the dark, absolute dark, too,
is demanding its right, its natural one.

Air in pure clearness
as natural as undulating fog.
No air no life,
but do we really know this,
as we pollute it by the stupidity of growth?
The Earth is airy but the human
is behaving like blowing in the wind.

Water, whether permanent drop or flood,
in icy rigidity, or spluttering turbulently,
dissolves materials up to saturation,
blurs tracks and carves new ones,
refines in vine, molders, murders and gives birth,
it is like blood of the Earth, of the living planet!

Warmth as the narrow ridge between freeze and heat,
actual subjective feeling only,
essential with color, sound,
with every relation that provides more than side by side.
Warmth is radiating, streaming, cooling,
is energy but philosophy of life as well.

Sound stands for harmony and disharmony
in contrast to noise and din,
individual perception, generated by voice, instrument and device,
interruption of silence, encouragement.
Sounds are typical, are similar by heard and felt experience.

Words bark and deceive with meticulous greed and activism,
they bite and murder on primitive purposes.
Nevertheless, words are devices of refinement of ideas and lifestyle.
The cultivated word makes the human,
be it as word-juggle, as yes-word for life, as decree, word of honor,
spoken, sung, written.
The literal human is holding the given word –
or tries to talk himself out of the human image.

Pictures cultivate the artist's imagination
as an offer to the observer's perspective.
Between both do assert themselves personal style, spirit of time
and just the own taste that may evade objectivity.
The spiritual and material appreciation more and more doesn't do
without an excessively kinky behavior.

Time be human
just because of and instead of the implicated finite nature
which is the parameter of life that is often blamed to be meaningless
which, on the other hand, is providing sense by clear modus of thinking –
in our joy and in our sadness
and especially in the case of intelligent and loving truthfulness.
Life is imaginable and possible by termination only.

Sitting at the table you don't devour,
even if someone entitled feeling is “burping and farting”.
The appreciation of food, not at all and worldwide a matter of fact,
is justifying and even demanding an attentive enjoyment and,
at the same time, a cultivated satiety of the social hunger.

Being a human is concealing two mysteries:
What is the human and what is the being?
In the absence of objective answers, there are countless suggestions
and interpretations of dogmatic conflict burdens.
Thus think about it!
The being is getting concrete by preferably comprehensive and 
conscious registration of the world (“cosmopolitanism”).
Man is defined by his distance from all the bestial
and, for his own ongoing development, he doesn't deny his evolution.

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