Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

Capitalism Is Finished

Capitalism as a state-supportive philosophy expierences its long-lasting and painful swan song during the present second decade of the 21st century.
One would think, deservedly, but there is a big dark hole in front of us concerning the lack of alternatives to a minimum consensus on cooperation between people and on the modus vivendi between the peoples while globalization grows by scientific progress and new technologies.

Up to now capitalism could assert itself because of the human nature that is determined on the one hand by competetive behaviour and on the other hand by unscrupulous insincerity which is enforced much more subtly by capitalism, hence often unnoticed, than in other social systems. Capitalism unreasonably pretends democratic attributes and standards which it never could fulfil.

Only in creating enemy images, especially in confrontation to communism, capitalism shaped a liberal mask whereas it established a global anti-human network under the leadership of the USA. Developing countries and so-called emerging market countries could tell you a thing or two about that.

During the merciless competition with the Soviet communism in the cold war capitalism stimulated itself to highest performances in cooperation with some of the religions and political despots. Indeed impressive and positive things happened. But in common there was never a view behind the curtain, that is still hiding lots of taboos.

When the personified devil which was the communism broke away the enemy image also faded and the capitalist motor stumbled, since then it misses the beat, because the search for a new fuel of the marks “world terrorism” or “climate warming” etc. showed much too much hypocritical amount, so it couldn’t offer an adequate substitute for communism.

Capitalism is becoming its own enemy as the propagated free play of the economic powers comes to an end by the insatiability of the financial world which liquidates every society and moral by money concentration, unshamed debt and speculation.

For a long time politicians have been the helpless political footballs of lobby and money, but nevertheless many of those representatives don’t recognize their definite insignificance. They raise their profile by shallow inconsistencies.
The mass people of totally overstretched ones, the clueless and the cheated are facing the intended complication of the financial system.

It is said that 50 percent of the way business is done are influenced by psychology which means nothing else but emotional points of view, not calculable, not predictable!
Is capitalism accordingly an esoteric variety?
Obviously it is, because also the new Russian governors and even the Chinese communists follow the oracles in hectic stockmarket mentality, a way of thinking and acting that fits those peoples’ liking for irrationalism.

The “brave and the free” have accumulated debt especially to the Asian human right violators just for financing their military actions at many focuses on earth, just to install violently the American-capitalistic aberration of democracy.

In the broadest sense democracy demands an enlightened image of the world. But where, in which country does such thing exist?
Modesty may be warrented: “… a widest possible enligtened image of the world.”
Very few regions of the world only remain in discussion, the overwhelming majority of the human social orders by traditions is not prepared for democracy, not ready for the human dignity of each individual.

As Europeans we have no right to mission to other cultural spheres instead we are challenged by the need to humanize our own culture at last, which means first to reduce capitalism as a further aberration and finally replace it by a genuine social responsibility.

Undoubtedly we are standing at the very beginning of living democracy really. Still it doesn’t work convincingly because we miss consequent perspectives.
It is of no use to  boycott elections, to vote for “lesser evils”, to found new political parties, if we do not succeed in a cosmonomic take-off for thinking and acting.

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