Mittwoch, 8. März 2017

The Free Word

The free word
that you lock up
that you want to exterminate
is much mightier than you can imagine.
Because there is a sense in it,
in contrast to you,
solely by its existence,
thought, spoken, written, saved,
independent from philosophical meaning
but important to individual interpretation and psyche.

The free word is creative,
but you are destructive!
Your egoisms, your egomaniacs can be established only
by empty phrases and by repeating parrot-fashion
the outpourings of your narcissistic dreams,
absolutely senseless
and slapping the public welfare right on the face.

But you are the beaten,
as the free word, of course, captures naturally much more
that you, word-breakers and desecrators of speech,
stand facing naked and dirty and transiently.
However, the free word, once released into the world,
is living on,
no tyrant ever reaches such truth, such freedom.

The freedom of the word
is of manifold tradition,
it poses on impressive monuments
in world history
and bases on universal education.

Nevertheless, much more important:
The free word can count
on bright stages of liveliness,
on authors, producers and actors
and on public
which are not willing
to let expire the celebration of life,
comedy as well as tragedy,
by the stomatitis of dictatorship.

I am writing free words for the free word
and would like to inspire people, to encourage them.
Open-minded and spirited, considerate
and enlightened.

For, freedom will get lost,
if it is not practiced and defended
by the free word of free citizens! 


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