Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2015

The Scream Is Swelling Up

The scream is swelling up,
the wrong is done.
And further unjustness is on the list:
Growth by slavery,
wars stirred up, waged most brutally,
democracy betrayed, prevented.
Barbed wire, lattice fence, masonry, wall.
Terror installed,
medial stupidity established,
ideologically gone astray,
disabled by religion.

The scream is suffocated,
crushed by pseudotolerance.
The echo is still breaking on the free trade of rogues,
on the decadent way of life.
But then an end is made!
You didn’t notice nothing,
didn’t experience nothing,
you followed pressed speakers,
believed smart robbers.
You see only what they are telling you
due to your imaginations of Gods,
you even don’t hear the last gunshot!

The Earth is screaming, so do Heavens
as you, as ever, are ready for any wrongdoing.
Because of your ignorance!
Is it inability only?
Or wickedness?
It will be silent in the grave of inhumanity
that is screaming like an animal
to the hypocratical praise of money.

You are dead, don’t hear any scream.
If screams become silent, everything will be over.

But if silence is screaming, the misfortune will start again,
the scream will swell up
so that it will be brought to mind,
perhaps, some day,
some day within a far generation of enlightenment.
More hope, mankind, is not presented to you by yourself,
is not justified
despite horrible screams daily on your flat screen,
in your blunted brain.

Yes, I am shouting at you,
for I am still alive
and I want to live
in contrast to you!


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