Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

Taken At The Word

I take them all at their word,
assuming that the contrary is true
and finding it confirmed.
Every time I am appalled
how callously the principle is working,
being accepted without any complaints, going unpunished.
There are no interest and expertise, no engagement
and accordingly there are no plaintiffs, no advocates for truth and honesty.

Diplomatic language disguised as gobbledygook of wire-pullers, just quarreled demagogy and actionisms which are decorated by a German/English language mixture, referring to some study results of nerds and “wise men” whose pincipals from behind are rushing to knuckle under the rating agencies – those completely undemocratic power monsters that mock the peoples and the intelligence as they are the actual executives.

Anything learned from war?
“Jawoll!” Military build-ups and trafficking in arms, weapon exports, brotherhood in arms with brothers who never signed a peace treaty with present Germany and maintain the enemy state clause of the UN Charta.
Brothers who know how to prevent German sovereignty by stationed troops, in coalition with German politicians who, in this connection, have been betraying the public since the new start after 1945. But perhaps they really don’t know better.
This is a totally disregarded risk for the whole of Europe and for the world, but Europe has fallen asleep. Neither the international nor the inner status of Germany is defined clearly and reliably and there is no significant outline of what the European Union wants to perform on the stage of world politics and what it is able to.
This shortcoming characterizes the dangerous European naivety and, at the same time, the interests of various regions of the world in a preferably weak and globally inefficient Europe.

Now an arbitrary telegramme of some but not only typical German discrepancies:

  • “Dept reduction” has actually meant dept explosion since many years.
  • “Secure pensions” culminate in the prospect of poverty in old age.
  • “Effective education” (“Education Republic Of Germany”) is leading to permanent reduction of education levels.
  • “New health care” suffers from the capitalistic two-class medical system and from profit optimising pharmaceutical groups. And further to mention: The “misunderstanding” of the widespread shift towards confuse “alternative-medical” methods, full of esoterics and pseudopsychological penetration which cannot be ignored even by the sickness insurances.
  • “Reducing bureaucracy” is ballooning the administrative machinery by computer controls, despising citizens and legally misleading them to confusion.
  • “Freedom of the press” is meaning conformity and market sharing by media groups, they practise common ideologisation and concealment of fundemental critics.
  • “Emancipation” offers very different wages for equal work.
  • “Non-violence” is reflected, inter alia,  by countless daily TV crime series. Murder and manslaughter are always available for the entertainment of the in himself non-violent but not thinking TV-freak.
  • “Food inspection” is so effective that adulteration appears daily on the agenda.
  • “Secular state” describes tight archaic and religious antanglements and involvements.
  • “Historical reappraisal” serves, in practice on one hand, to conceal present atrocities of rulers who on the other hand moralize against forgetting.

I take you all at your word – in open public though I know that you are not bothered with feelings of shame.
You aren’t stuck for excuses.
Even if your religions, traditions, ideologies and your greedy saturation can’t recoil on your own heads, you won’t be able to get around a cosmonomic assessment and the naturally following consequences.
I am aware you don’t mind your behaviour and how you have lived ever since!
But the question will be posted to you either: Where have you been actually, how could you permit all this?
And then you will stammer you hadn’ known anything.
How original!
How disgraceful!

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