Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

Goodbye, America!!

Goodbye, America!
I never thought you were my country.
There was always something fishy
about you after you killed Kennedy.

I left eleven years ago, but now I'm
saying goodbye...

...because you'll never get back
to what you should have been...

...because you have a criminal
psychopath and an out-of- control
egotist running for president...

...because you want to run the world
into the ground...

...because your people don't realize
they've been brainwashed crazy...

...because you're addicted to everything...

....because you're a spectacular failed

...because I can't afford to live in you,
even when I gave my life to you....

...because I found a place to live where
I'm not afraid of what you'll do to me....

...because no matter how corrupt Mexico
is, it is not as evil as you've become.

The Spaniards wanted gold, so the natives
here poured molten gold down their throats...
poetic justice which power in America
richly deserves.

So, goodbye, America, and thanks for all
the hamburgers!

Thanks for planned obsolescence and
the atomic bomb!

Harvard and Yale, everything you did
was wrong!

Thanks for all the great people:
King, the Kennedys, Fuller, Ginsburg, Corso,
Cummings, Brando, Lenny Bruce, Carlin,
so many! Too bad you didn't listen to them.

It's sadly amusing that you still think you
know what you're doing.

I'm out of you like a bad marriage...I'd say
go fuck yourself, but, wouldn't that be

If you start nuclear war, maybe some
million dollar bankers would survive....
I wouldn't want to be left with those people...
I'd rather die here, by the side of a dirt road.

So, America, dream of freedom, goodbye!
I don't say goodbye because I left, America.
I say goodbye because you're gone. 

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