Montag, 22. Februar 2016

Intelligence Doesn't Kill

The more Europe is disunited, the more wicked world politics are, the more urgent is not a Wend but a termination of the traditional lunacy so far, a new path to honest enlightenment which is characterized in outline already to all people of the world not only by the Cosmonomic Manifesto.
But there is a lack of will – even through fear.

We have to want it, to be humans and not the devil's tools by which faith is murdering – mislead, indoctrinated, subjugated and enslaved: systematically removed from knowledge, doomed to inability.

Wanting to know, wanting to live, wanting real peace from the source of being of a dignified humanity that can't be restricted at all. Reasonably, this ideal goes beyond every ideological mania which includes the irrelevance of religious-perfidious empty promises postponed till the hereafter and the just as mean-unscrupulous mendacity of this real world.

Isles are arising out of every ocean, oases are turning green in deserts, lights are shining in the night sky. How could anyone deny the human intelligence? It is there analogously. And it wants to live against all those permanent fatal heresies of the organized stupidity.

Intelligence doesn't kill!
It is so easy to recognize intelligence because of its consequent rarity whereas the ecstatic scenarios of the not yet ready developed interim human are blustering.
Intelligence is killed.
Because the mass interim human isn't even knowing about it, either by inborn stupidity, comfort or under duress.

Hence the following is expressed as a subjunctive:
Intelligence would act in proactive causality and would never breed, by blind greed, its own murderer. And also it would never enter into a pact with other murderers and it would waive superficial profits which amount by the betrayal of the human rights.
Intelligence would negotiate eye to eye from a point of moralistic strength and openness and would never accept superior phantasies of gods with alleged prerogatives and privileges. It would never veil anything and anybody.

Back to the indicative, to reality:
There is no intelligent government worldwide. Where should it come from?
From the interim mass? Impossible.
From the fighting each other ideologies and religions? No chance!

Intelligence is limited on individuals, thus it is existing without „lobby“, one might add ironically: logically.
Hence intelligence at the present developing status of mankind hardly has any force, comparably to a small child without power.
But in a deeper sense just an infant embodies the moralistic power of his dignified right for living, and even stupid parents have an idea of this power which they respect normally.

By analogy, there are only a few governments in some vague approach to intelligence. We are talking about those with best attainable relative freedom for the society so far.
But they of all governments are ready to fall back into nationalist and racist barbarity, logically, as I add clearly.
Because no „free Europe“, no „free America“ and no permanent peace can be anchored by lying and cheating, by uninhibited greed of profit and public deception as they are performed in big medial style.


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