Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016

Fear Is With You

Be afraid,
shudder, be struck!
Surrender fatalistically
to the lack of alternatives. (Merkel's claims)
Get drunk ecumenically,
immerse yourselves esoterically,
slip off in the slime of diplomacy,
unify by the glue of lies,
trust, according to do-gooders (German faux-pas word of 2015),
the producers of weapons,
their honestly sworn in agents and distributers,
ask subserviently for minimum wages
in view of the fat guys of growth!

Praise the Gods because of their concoctions of horror,
sacrifice everything, yourselves for the madness
of the pomp of destruction, obstruction
and blessed contempt of the world,
for the benefit of the illustrious enlightened beings,
because they have to carry a heavy burden of money bales
- and of you!

They have nothing to fear more than your sheering off
from the march of the mass idiots
with their indoctrinated guilty consciences
about any independent thinking,
about any activities of life.
Tremble in fear before everything!
Before the faintest temptation of autonomy, before the hubris at dinner, whilst drinking, when working and being lazy, in residential living, when dressing, at every weather, at sleep or staying awake, before everything that happens.
Everything may lead to death as newest studies of foundations and of incited charlatans show explicitly until the next statistics of dirty fellows nix that all, but even more dangerously!
Everything may be incompatible, may cause allergies, be passed on, may initiate toxic processes and push up epidemically the the whole earth into stagger.
However, there is to be insulated, to be patronized, to be dictated, subsidized, is to be spied, controlled, main thing is: alternative in the lack of alternatives remaining far from understanding natural science or even humane philosophy.

You lemmings of the mob as well of the jetset, you can't even commit suicide because you are vegetating in the vegan loss of humor analogously to the reprehensible way of mass living which you justly denounce but pay for it by your consumption habits.
And your love life in particular! A real orgy of double standards and inhibited swinishness. No, you don't live, you don't love.

You really are needing the next „Tatort“ (daily crime scenes on German TV), the most stupid commercials and the next Sunday open for business.
Your hyperactive offspring is propagated to be highly gifted but this is radiating within your endless mental limitations of parenthood, a radiation without even a half-life period.

You actually know
I am not referring to you personally.

Or do you feel concerned and would like to protest?
Then cry out, probably in the neighbourhood of most modern windmills. This would generate tension/voltage (one word in German), green light of holistic sustainable blackout.
Ask your homeopath, listen to medial insinuations and the zeitgeisty synchronized hammering. Realize the karma of your non-existence!
Be chatting always and everwhere, take a photo of your stool/defecation (German play of words) and put it into the net as an identity card of your fears but of your disoriented unchecked greed for demands.

So what?
You don't understand me?
I thought so, already.
But to me the misery is worth a try.

The world allegedly calls for more (military) German assumption of responsibility.
Which „world“ actually?
What a world!



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