Sonntag, 8. November 2015

I Do Not Advocate Revolution

John Tischer

“Common sense is painful”

(paraphrase of Buddha’s first truth) 

I do not advocate revolution in the US of A
because it will put my life at risk.
I do not advocate a national demonstration
of protest against a criminal government
because it will put my life at risk.
I do not advocate assassination of any CEO of
banks, oil companies, Monsanto, leaders
of the Republican and Democratic Parties,
DOW Chemical, heads of the CIA, NSA, 
the Fed., or any of the other criminal 
institutions and businesses of the USA,
because it will put my life at risk.
I do not advocate a boycott of all elections
by all Americans because it will put my life at risk.
I do not advocate that all intelligent Americans
that can see what's happening there with their
own eyes leave the country and let the bastards
that are left eat each other alive, because it
would put my life at risk. 

I advocate that individuals use their common sense,
and realize that there is no way those planes could
have brought down the Twin Towers... common sense
and the statements of hundreds of expert engineers.
Common sense is painful.

I advocate that people start using their common sense
about what's happening with fracking, domestic military
use, Wall Street robbery, media brainwashing, loss of
Posse Comitatus, and Habius Corpus, general erosion
of the Bill of Rights and begin to understand what's
happening in America.

I advocate that people start looking for themselves and
not listen to what they are being told....common sense....
which has been and is being as degraded as much as 
the environment we live in.

The Declaration of Independance says people have a
right to overthrow a corrupt government. You didn't 
hear that from me....I don't want to put my life at risk
for a populace that cares only for shopping, sports,
cable T.V. and their I pods.   It's ok with me if you're 
content to stew  in your own cesspool. Just realize
that I won't bathe in it with you.

(Courtesy of the author)

Cultural profile

     John Tischer (born in 1949, in Chicago, as a son of a German father and a Jewish mother) is a contemporary poet from the United States. He graduated the Carleton College in 1971 and was a student of Chogyam Trungpa in 1972. In 2004 he settled in Tepoztlan, Mexico.
     John Tischer writes poetry since the 70's. A few poems from his vaste creation have been published in  “Windhorse”, a Buddhist literary magazine. He was also present with poetry on "Sleepless Nights", an electronica music radio show (KGNU, Boulder, Colorado), a dozen times in the late 1990’s. Some of his readings are available as MP3 on
     Published books: Brownian Life (“Bibliotheca Universalis” Collection,  Ed. PIM, Iaşi,  2015). Books in progress: Café at the End of Time (a novel). Poetry blog (since 2007): Eggtooth Breaks Open,
     John Tischer is an honorary contributor of “Contemporary Literary Horizon” from 2011.

(Courtesy of Daniel Dragomirescu)


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