Montag, 13. Februar 2017


by Daniel Dragomirescu

The country is at stake again and there is a real risk now in being pushed, historically speaking, with a generation or two backwards. This thing must not become a reality.
What is happening in the present is a revolution of the middle class against the abusive powers of a totalitarian-communist kind („the Red Plaque”), which wants to govern the Romania of the 21th century by using 1950s ways of control without taking into consideration the fact that the Romanian society has changed in all these 27 years after the official abolishment of the totalitarian communist regime. We hope that, no matter how many sums of money they dispose of and no matter how much numbing power upon millions of people they have, which surely are easy to bribe and to manipulate, this time it won’t work.

Leftocracy is a disease of the modern world, much greater than any other diverse political malformations of a totalitarian kind, which our ancestors have known all too well in the past age. Leftocracy is a power of a so-called political elite who claim themselves belonging to the Left; however, in reality they are not supporting the pauper masses, they use them instead, in order to identify their pretensions of political, economical and social hegemony. Marx is the rightful moral responsible for the foundation of leftocracy on a global scale, whereas Lenin and Stalin are responsible for implementing leftocracy in the biggest country of the world, with the price of the lives of millions of Russians exterminated in thousands of Auschwitz-es more infernal than those built by the Nazi, because they exterminated people from more than one generation. It is well-known the fact that the first extermination camps from Germany were founded by the Soviet Union and by the „specialized” Soviets in human slaughter.

The middle class is the only apt class, by its own nature, to guarantee a real democracy in society, because the rich (no matter if they are aristocrats or intangible bigwigs from the communist nomenclature or from within it) have always desired to discreetly govern the society, and the pauper masses, without any serious school education, are extremely easy to corrupt and to manipulate, to legitimize their dictatorial aspirations. As such, look at how these barons from the south side of the country carry those poor elders and simple-minded activists in making such a lame circus, like hysterical monkeys, in front of the Cotroceni Palace. Only the middle class remains the one and only class that is not bribed by anyone and they don’t let themselves be fooled, because they are capable, by education, to convey themselves through principles, and not by immediate and low-down interests – and that is why they have always been the prime aim of those that do not love democracy, but who speak about it with grand words completely empty of any real meaning. This has happened also in the United States, in the last twenty years, where the middle class has been reduced progressively and dramatically from 60% to 40%. These days, I saw early in the morning on a website a poster on which an American citizen obsessively repeated this question: „How many liberties would they take away from us now?”

I think that what is happening now in Romania is the first revolution in the world against leftocracy, this cancer which has disrupted so gravely the European states in the last twenty years, establishing everywhere a kind of a totalitarian pseudo-democracy. But to come up to this immense success there should be many other parties than those from the Parliament, which at first they play the scenery of democracy, but which in reality they contribute into the maintenance or consolidation of the desired ruling of those that have taken away the national wealth. We need a socialist party, an authentic one, based on values and principles stated not only in theory, but also rigorously and with good faith applied in exercise. SDP (Social Democratic Party) in its actual form needs to be abandoned, because it is obsolete and wicked for democracy. The Liberal Party needs also to be reconstructed; it has been compromised long since by individuals such as Tăriceanu, Patriciu, Mihalache and others. If tomorrow there were running another legislative elections, millions of Romanian citizens again would not know to whom they should credit their vote to, because nobody deserves anything. And without any serious offer by means of parties and candidates, then if the elections are due to take place, democracy will be just the same old mill that mills in vain. It's a form without any real destination, which will become useful for a certain individual’s interest, rather than for a general public one.

The demonstrators from Bucharest and those from all over the country need to think of this element as well, not only to the abolition of bills (those will be likely to be replaced by others worse than this current one), not only to the government’s demise (which can always be replaced by an even worse one) or not only in discharging from the political life those figures that are more or less compromised, such as Florin Iordache, Şerban Nicolae, Eugen Nicolicea, Liviu Dragnea, Sorin Grindeanu, etc. That „Now or never” from Mureşanu’s anthem is more actual than never. Evil should be cut off from the roots, because it will overwhelm us. The problem is that sufficient energy and purposefulness should exist in ending up in nice terms what has happened on the first of February, after the famous issuance of Edict 13, which wanted to impose in urgent matters what today the Romanian society does not accept.

11 February 2017

Translation: Elena Ţăpean, (Raymond Walden)

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