Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016

A Letter To A Friend

Why I can't come

Mein lieber Freund!

What we call civilization is - wherever we look - the best organization of lying. True and honest people stay in minority powerless with hardly any remarkable influence. The average masses don't realize the games because they depend on traditions and on insufficient intelligence, ever being ready to explode in narcissism and violence.

Telling the truth at the wrong place, at the wrong time takes you into severe trouble, it may be tolerated at first, but soon, when permanent in open opposition, it will switch off your light.
So every enlightened democrat must be extremely careful in responsibility for his person and also for the ideals of freedom, humanity and emancipation. A murdered or imprisoned independent thinker can only be an icon to the world but not an active lighttower to the enslaved mankind.

This is the reason why, as an author, I use a pseudonym, why I don't step on the stages of public forums considering that my opposition to the common capitalist-religious and patriotic lifestyle is too wide-ranging for the narrow brains of ideologically indoctrinated believers and fighters.

Once, a kind professor told me: You always have to keep in shelter when talking, on the open field they will shoot you at once without any scruples.
Wherever now I am going or travelling I use my real name and never talk about cosmonomic philosophy because even old friends of mine can't stand this. They retreat as they regard my analyses as too radically strange, but they even don't dare to tell me that frankly.

The internet thus is the only way for me to reach thinking individuals worldwide under their very different circumstances in the various regions of culture.
I myself feel like a real world citizen. I am not an example of a typical German, I am not "in the tradition of German thinkers".

These are the reasons, dear friend, why I can't come, officially as a cosmonomic writer, to your country where there may be some overestimating about Germany and her people. But I am sure that most people at present all over the world, would never agree with cosmonomic philosophy.

It is as strange, the internet is offering to me both at the same time: stage and shelter

as a pacifist, democratic humanist,
as a man free from religion and esoterics,
against nationalism, racism, Communism, Capitalism,
against violence,
trusting in human dignity and empathy,
trusting in logical causality and honesty.

Kannst Du das verstehen, lieber Freund?

Herzliche Grüße


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