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The Pitfalls Of The Interim Human

Pitfalls traverse mazily and manifoldly the being of the interim human, they disturb it on various levels in also different intensities which, in the end, are responsible for the respective moods. Even the pronounced individualist is depending on such sentiments which he, in contrary to the mass human, can derive approximately and explain, if he is of sufficient intelligence and critical curiosity.
As social beings we are bound necessarily to the community which itself is needing really a form of government. This problem is as old as mankind and represents a stage of development the higher the farther the ruling structures are contrasting against the right of the strong and are turning to co-determination.
Today we rightly claim democracy to be the best possible form of state!
But behind this elegant and noble statement a fatal hypocrisy is hiding for present mankind because those societies which are calling themselves “democracy” are in fact just presteps, interim solutions with immanent cartels and string-pullers, with rigorous assupmtion of power in the interests of single persons and dogmas of faith. Those systems keep upright by massively influencing the public opinion, by definite lying, by targeted concealment, by lack of education in general, even by intentions of keeping the population stupid which, of course, is denied emphatically by “education experts” within such structures because they may not even notice it (or they aren’t allowed to recognize).
The less humans are understanding the more easily can they be made unsure, they can be directed, as one can observe by thematic undulations: waldsterben, mad cow disease, bird and swine flue, tick bites, climate, allergies, diets and so on are marking only some of the regularly recurring epidemics of mental sensitivities which, due to the severity, generate almost pseudo-religious convictions to be propagated as unimpeachable by even militant manners. The medially best proven concepts are the only criteria deserving this term whereas, apart from this, the deplored lack of clear planning is significant with broad sections of policy.

The pitfalls of the interim human are tightened within superordinated systems but “epilepsy” is also reflected in everyday issues. It’s going back and forth in endless serious debates: Value-Added Tax down but then up, public finances to be put in order but then gigantic debths, less bureaucracy then tremendous administrative regulation, decisive denying any competences of political opponents afterwards coalition with exactly the same persons. And as an almost compulsive must the incantation of peace to ensure it by armament, weapon deals and wars!
The stupefied people is occupied with getting bargains around the clock, with taking advantage of them and is cheated either. Or is anybody telling the customer honestly what one-hundred percent really is before the price reduction? Or are the shopaholics even interested in knowing which people are exploited for the production of the cheap goods?
On the contrary, the actually fleeced ones are adoring the Rich and the Beautiful, I frame it crassly, they have a tongue hanging out for their ill omissions and comments.

The interim human is both victim and offender, the offence can be described regularly as undue advantage, as an egoism that is practising unrestricted ruthless outside of any fair competition and rivalry. The methods also are following the same principles:
1        Complication of intrinsically easy procedures
2        Targeted and cunning misleading
3        Protection by cooperation with cliques combined with
4        Inability to think in terms of complex effects
5        Inhumane indifference and at the same time
6        Readiness to use violence

My following remarks should not be understood as denigration and looking at the black side but as stocktaking of an at any time extendable kaleidoscope of negative habits and behaviours of the interim human.

Are you, dear reader, readily able to “read” and understand your electricity or gas bill? What about your insurance policy or even your tax declaration and the following tax assessment? Your payships of income, deductions, bonuses – everything internalised? Your bankings – firmly in grasp? Or are you sure that almost every small print should actually appear in bold print?
These are only some complications of impertinent attempts to take advantage of you. For what else such wild outgrowths?
Do you still believe in tax equity as multinationals often don’t pay any taxes?
What are you to think of a confusing healthcare reform that is causing higher expenses – to the pleasure of pharmaceutical companies but to the disadvantage of the patients and even some doctors? Whereas truckers reasonably have to take pauses hospital doctors have to work 24 hours and more. Not to mention the other clinical staff that is exploited by low wages and, not least, by the resulting shortage of manpower. Can you seriously endorse a two-class-medicine (statutory health insurance verses private patients) that is expressing equal rights for all people but doesn’t put them into practice? How dump does the advertising of medical products take the citizens by repeating everytime at the end of the spot the same monotonous sentence: “For information on risks and side-effects please read the pack insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.” Can you trust at all the “pharmacist”, if you remember his arsenal of esoteric remedies and all the quacks?
Is it necessary, from a legal point of view, to drum the much-quoted phrase?
How stupid, the responsible persons think, is the consumer and patient?
Obviously the contempt of man is playing a roll. The same applies to broad sectors of advertising because of its blatant penetrance and swindel, but this would be an issue on its own merrits.
We permanently witness the enforced conformity of the public by TV programmes. Instead of presenting ambitious contributions you can watch on various channels simultane cooking performances, then animals in zoos, after that magazines of amazing similarity, finally talkshows on all frequencies.  
Why is nobody protesting and taking the responsible ones to the task? – The people behind are puppet masters as they are dominating our complete media system by operating overpowering groups. Of course, this is nothing special, we are facing the same problems everywhere on the economic scene.
Can we really accept, for example, the “free competition” at the gas-stations? Or the “alternative offers” of big energy suppliers? The more concentrated the market dominance the more uninhibitedly appears the publicly approved or, at least, tolerated bullshit.
The often criticized German Railways hardly attract attention in this scenery. Apart from “technical” problems en masse their own employees don’t understand the jungle of travelling expenses, traffic network connections are cut. Punctuality is a word of yesterday, but they set their sights on the stock exchange, on the place of maximising their profits without effort!
At the stage of such self-assertion it happens that the complete workforce of the company is spied out from the fair motive of fighting corruption. This practice is used in all sorts of firms and nothing really effective happens against it. Apparently the interim human has ever had a spying tendency, if you think of the executive persons (executors) behind each espionage, from whatever society they originate: NAZI regimes, communist or capitalist communities. Those noble characters in any required numbers aren’t affected in any way by the situations of their victims, those are the useful columns of bastards which every injustice can rely on.
However, comparatively few common citizens only grasp the situation as the majority is occupied with their performances as communicating culture – the mobile phone is so important at any place, at any time and even more serious is the endless babbling.
A welcomed occasion for spies of secretly monitoring and localisation. Position finding and registration is also familiar on highways, on railway stations, in supermarkets and actually everywhere. How sleepy must be a mass that is bearing such harassments without resistance in a free democracy? One may suppose that the harassments aren’t experienced at all, at best people have some vague notion only.
Nevertheless, a definitive loss of democracy is announced thereby. We are on a disastrous way.
Dear reader, I suspect you have had enough. As so much convulsion is difficult to bear. You are right!

Although these were only some German examples we save us the glance at modalities in other countries because there, too,  mainly the interim human is settling.
But some important aspects have to be mentioned.

The responsible citizen doesn’t come into being or he is degenerating to a picture of misery within an ever since “God blessed” capitalism. A capitalism that is praising to the globe unscrupulously the US American presidential elections as an exemplarily democratic procedure, just there where the responsible citizen is prevented by money, where even the last remaining sharp mind surrenders – drone by the media, blinded or mobbed – and pleases himself about the grandiose beauty and immense vastness of the country in order to ignore the problems.
God may bless America and her vasalls, to the world the USA and her system mean a catastrophy – all the more physically because the “One-Nation-Under-God” lives in a great manner by exploiting the rest of the world. Regarding mental developments we are facing an unworthy infantilism to a “God”, if he was reality, he would undoubtedly be sentenced to death by the common American justice. 
But this is not going to be an unilateral scolding against the USA, naturally she is shaping many processes as the leading economic and military power, but other states surely don’t embody anything better. The Chinese system of society as well as the Indian or Japanese ones are by far much more underdeveloped and unenlightened and there is hardly to announce a success in consequent peaceableness, in respecting the human rights and true humanity in Russia and Europe with its small-state mentality. And no better conditions can be found in the Arabic sphere or on the Latin-American subcontinent.

There is no compatibility of the interim relations with cosmonomic standards but there will be no changes during our epoch which is ruled by excessive egoism that initially corresponds with evolutionary development criteria: The dominant will of self-assertion is prevailing but only to a degree of overpopulation with egoists who already now  are destructing more and more the foundations of themselves and of future life.
Cosmonomic philosophy is not compatible with actual conceptions of statehood, not with all practiced politics and confessions of faith because the interim systems surpress violently every in-depth knowledge and clarification, they don’t tolerate them.
We are missing a truly democratic culture of debate, so no official call for alternations or even system changes is recommended – for the sake of non-violence.
Non-violence stands for the cosmonomic minimum consensus of the humane. If cosmonomy is not willing to betray itself, it will just practice self-contemplation for the time being, it will watch out for perhaps like-minded people, it will keep away from common political dealings and intrigues to live an own conscious life.
Three main goals are fundamental:
Respect of human dignity,
assumption of self-responsibility and
wise management of fauna, flora and environment.

The base of such a human attitude is education which is lifelong learning, keen interest and carefully considered engagement for the enlightened picture of a post-interim-mankind.
Depending on personal circumstances one may create happiness-in-life although in most of the present social systems a cosmonomic lifestyle seems to be rather impossible. 
Very much suffering will occur in future.

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