Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

Consciousness Is Creating The World

Consciousness comes into existence by biological life, it can be proved in gradings with animals and it characterizes the human being very unambiguously depending on age and intelligence. Human life is consciousness.

Man is reflecting his being, is regarding himself – and this is the only point – in relation to his fellow citizens, to the nearer and farther surroundings, lifeless or animate.
Everything that man is undertaking for the sake of “positioning” himself into the common frame is describing culture in the widest sense, even the deliberate falling out of the frame.
Culture exists as historical ideas, as present wishes, as hopes for the future, in each case by concrete small and great works.

What then is it that is creating the world?
Consciousness only!

Imagine, at a single blow there wouldn’t be any single man on earth, hence not any consciousness.
What would be the “value” of the universe of dead material? – Not even Nil because the Nothing, too, exists in awareness only.

For instance, if you are walking along the deserted strands and wooden shacks of Rimini at the end of season, or if you come too early to the Cote d’Azur at spring time – with also boarded up facades, it will become clear: People are the creators of these worlds of flair, of life at all.
They procreate Gods and Devils.
And these apparently are there because consciousness is only billowing as there is  but far no guarantee of “knowing”.
It is grotesque and the fact remains: Consciousness is creating the world even without knowing  or with significant gaps in knowledge.
Or: Without human beings in their complexity there is no world.

But at what level is human consciousness ranking?
It is similar to the animal development, namely limited and unfinished.
Dogs, for example, can be pleased, can be depressed, loving, purposeful and loyal as well as neglected or dreadfully aggressive. Maybe they are accepting their “masters” as their “Gods” and do not suspect with which needy being they familiarise themselves.
The insanity of the world, as lamented again and again, is the work of man as a result of an indeed developable but still very insufficient consciousness.
In other words:
Consciousness is urgently demanding education – like the world. 
The world is shapeable for the benefit of mankind only in accordance to its natural laws and not by pretenses.  

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