Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2017

Consciousness is Thinking and Feeling ...

(Wiederholung aus Mai 2017)

pursuant to the awareness which is subject to inner deceptions as well as to external manipulations.
Being aware of this, you may aim for objectivity and may certainly reach a remarkable approach to reality. In doing so, time is generating a valuable resource of experience which is offering the necessary distance for keeping track. Sovereign distance is the result of specialist and common knowledge and of rested composure, enabling to a directed and unexcited engagement.
A prerequisite for this is honesty and truthfulness towards oneself and towards the fellow men.
Consciousness without such a moral reduces itself to a stressful vegetating and, not seldom, also to a hollow sense of self-esteem, even to rigorous obsession with power.

When we look closely at the behaviors of certain politicians, regardless of their doubtful contents of speech, their tortured mental states virtually become clear, ever hunted by an evil opposition, even within their own ranks.
What kind of consciousness is grafted onto entire nations by dictatorial systems under such circumstances?
Which consciousness enables political judges to pass their arbitrary judgments? Which consciousness is driving army drill instructors, which the torturers, and which the executioners?
Do the soldiers' cheerful songs, when sent into World War I, have anything to do with consciousness or do they just prove the significant fact of epidemic errors?
Aren't nationalism and racism ineradicable plagues of a brain deformation, far away from consciousness?

Normally the healthy human is in awareness, of course, but in the case of indoctrination and ignorance, it is just reduced to the “being alive”: No backgrounds, no dissenting individuality, no development nor perspectives. The human consciousness does not represent a basic value, not even a typical unique human characteristic, rather a parameter of different intelligence and education, of cultural maturity and humanity. The life, being in accord with the actual reality, using the natural options for a cultivated optimization of life, is forming the basis of a dignified consciousness contradicting all the practiced orders of faith and forces of opinion.

Consciousness requires vital care, permanent comparison, updates under full reserve to historical reference.
The so-called liberal democratic society, in particular, is to be valued by this, and above all, it has to recognize its own deficits, which is evident for a humane consciousness and an adequate planning and acting possibly worldwide.
In other words: Cosmonomic life understanding.

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