Montag, 8. September 2014

"The Fruity Sun"

Everything on earth is of solar origin, is influenced by the sun, the earth was generated almost by default during the emergence of the sun.
A campsite in the French Provence, surrounded by wide orchards, is called “Le Soleil Fruité” (The Fruity Sun). Landscape and humans are competing in cultivating fruity freshness, colour and French lifestyle.

Travellers come and go, stay for a night, for some days, they are steering unerringly their mobile homes, breathing freely under shady trees, they look at brief cloud formations at dark blue skies, are refreshing themselves in the swimming pool, let themselves carress by a warm southerly breeze and enjoy the fruits of an eventful life. Modern age is on tour as well: TV, internet, high-tech vehicles.
And the visitors are bearing the burdens of their lives, the sweetness and the bitterness, the youth and the old age, health and frailty. Labour enforced by conventions but also of independent pleasure, double standards of greed, Spießigkeit and prudishness, religious childhood and esoteric night of denial the intellect, inhibition of feelings and uncontrolled egocentricity are overflowing as lively crop rotation, delightful and sour elexiers of encouragement, excitement, threat and bloody destruction. The sun lets germinate, bloom and ripen, it scorches and burns mercilessly. It is the incentive for life aiming to the dying, the sun itself is going this way by following material reactions. 

"The Fruity Sun" of the Provence is shining on just one side of life - the comfortable one, of course. The thrives of the fruit in charming climate - and as a result of this, enthusiastic guests who become part of the entire scenario.

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