Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

G20: The Greatest Hypocrites

Do not mourn dishonestly!
Do not cry in self-pity!
Do not pretend values
that you give away complacently
in Paris, Washington, London, Berlin,
in Ancara as in Moscow, in Rome and elsewhere
because of greed for power and money!
The weapons that are killing now
do come from your own circles.
You, in your own estrangement, have pushed up the terrorists
after having destroyed their homelands by your own terrorism.

Do you, moralists of double standards, really believe
to escape with impunity?

Your gangs of criminals
that are responsible for countless desecrations of mankind
are allowed to go free, are even respected!

And you are gathering in Antalya
around the Turkish main terrorist
to observe a minute’s silence for the actual victims of terrorist acts in Paris
with eyes down of a presidential murderer by drones
of a manic non-peaceable macho from Russia
and a German Christian weapon distributor
together with warriors, with warmongers,
racists and religiously blended ones.

You, essentially, are responsible for the outrages!

But probably you are not even criminally liable
because of your mental affectedness.

Oh, mankind, what a severe test of your intelligence!
Come to consciousness!
Give and keep peace!

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